Our Strengths
Factors that make us your ideal partner
  • Cutting-edge production unit with modern technologies and equipment
  • Wide range of products built in accordance to engineering standards
  • Superior logistics support ensuring fast and safe delivery of products
  • Fastest possible period of production along with the best quality
  • Competitive price and being on time to respond the client needs
  • Industries Served
    Our products are supplied to various sectors like Chemicals Industries, Petrochemicals Industries, Power Plant, Oil and Gas Plant , Ship Building
    Our quality commitment includes the following:
    • Full compliance to client’s specifications and standards • Raw material from premium quality manufactures • Real time inspection / 3rd party inspection • Witnessing of material by client or an approved body • Open and transparent communication with customer during production process • Proper packing to avoid any damage during transport.
    A Good solution for Manufacturers
    Our workshops have been equipped with modern machineries including CNC drilling machines in order to make any kind of tube sheets. These parts are widely used for fabrication of heat exchangers in any configuration. All machining activities can be carried out exactly according to client's drawings and specifications. As all of drilling activities is programmed computer and done by state of art CNC machineries, there would not be any possible mistake caused by human.
    Finned Tube
    Cooling with extended surface on Tube
    Fin tubes are used wherever efficient cooling or heating is required. These kind of extended surface tubes are used for the production of shell and tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers, condensers and even convection coils used in furnaces.
  • Extruded, G-type, L-type
  • Low integral finned tube
  • High frequency welded finned tube/pipe
  • Venturi
    Used for steam ejectors
    We supply a complete range of venturies to be used for steam ejectors and steam jet vacuum systems required by industry. PMS has many years of experience fabricating venturi products for demanding applications. Process applications that require ejectors manufactured in stainless steel, brass, titanium, or other exotic materials are standards for us.
    Process Equipment
    Higher Performing Equipments
    PMS can supply high quality process equipment to the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, refining and related industries. As there are too many equipment manufacturer worldwide, finding premium quality products would not be so easy. Therefore we can help industrial end users to reach them and purchase safely. This is an efficient and cost effective method for the clients which want such equipment very fast.
    Machinery Supply
    From a Few dozen to Millions
    For many years, we have made a commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality machineries at competitive prices with unequaled customer service. We know a large international network of industrial manufacturers that produce products that will keep you on the cutting edge. Rest assured that we will continue to provide you the highest quality products as well as personalized service.
    Piping Materials
    Piping Parts for Every Phase of Project
    Find All of Your Piping Needs Easily. PMS supplies piping package including pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets and other accessories. Our close relationships with stockiest, domestic and overseas manufacturers provide our customers with a high level of service, product availability, and competitive pricing.
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